Hate Being Hurt

I choose you a guy who doesn't want me back. You're my friend. You know what I'm feel? Hurt. You doesn't know, how much tears that I've spill when remembering you the stupid guy. I just act like I don't care , pretend that I'm alright. Said to my friend that I don't need you or I don't care 'bout you. It just a lie.  Please!! Stop making me love you more each day. Just stop. I know how hard I try to push myself to forget you it doesn't work. But I'll try. You  hurt me.You were hurt me so badly .Are you happy now?Start now I won't let you close enough to hurt me.You just wasted my time! My bad too, for give my heart to you. Last! please stop your 'poyo'ness. Its annoying! Stop upload your 'kemeng' picture it just irritating. 

주의: I'm Crush on youI'm finally going to let you go.

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